Promote and Sell With Writing

Whether you have your own products or you are part of affiliate program, there must be some area of expertise you are good in. A niche. Something you feel good to speak about and express your opinions. If you can write it down, it might benefit your business more than you could imagine. Most people looking on Internet for solutions to their problems are not searching for concrete products, rather for the description of the problem followed by the cure. Rather than writing sales letters describing good sides of your service/product you could focus on writing useful content on topics you know. It could be solutions of type “how to” (deal with, change, fix, create, build, etc.)
Even if the writing is not your profession like for many people writing articles on internet is not, you can still create very useful piece of writing that will people with enthusiasm read and all just by following simple guidelines.
Mention a problem/situation
Go more in details
Mention a solution
Mention alternatives
Provide additional resources
As long as there is useful information that can make someone’s life easier it is a good content. but if there is more information about how your product/service solves this kind of problem, congrats, you wrote a good sales letter, and people reading it, will assume it’s an advertisement more than true content supposed to help.
It is OK to tell about your product but only at a right place, at a right time. Not to push reader into sale of your product. If he found the information useful, he’ll ask for more and will gain an confidence into what you got to say and sell.
Writing doesn’t automatically lead into sales, but it is a great method of PR or free promotion. Your writing can be published on your website or your newsletter. You would be surprised how many people want to read what you have to say. Here I specially mean on short articles for free distribution. There is a great number of online directories that accept articles from freelance writers. Most articles consist of this: Definition of the problem, deeper description of the problem, solution, and alternatives to the problem, your signature and resource box. Resource box should contain more information about the author and his work. Here could be placed a link to the other articles or to the website. Statistics show that more people will click on this link and ask for more information than on link for what they know it’s a paid advertisement. This is because they see you differently: not as seller but rather as someone who helped them with a certain problem and as someone they gained confidence to.


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